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Your Company Should Invest in Engagement Marketing-Photo Booth Rental Birmingham

Your Company Should Invest in Engagement Marketing

During the days that when the usual media exposure just comes from radio, TV, and print, audiences are used to passively retaining marketing messages. Today, with the latest technology (Internet, Youtube, Search Engines) and unlimited other options that put the audience in charge what they want to see, traditional marketing messages such as TV commercials or print ads is quickly fading. Today, even two minute ads are considered a bother because they are being sold directly, affront.


Engagement marketing (or experiential marketing) is simply, a live marketing event with a goal of creating a closer bond between consumer and the brand by immersing them in a fun and memorable experience.

Businesses that focus on customer engagement are focused on value creation and not revenue extraction. They give people something meaningful beyond a sales pitch: a wonderful end-to-end customer experience, great content, or interactive, real-time customer support.

Big companies are now seeing these users’ shift from traditional media.

Engagement marketing, also called experiential marketing is the use of marketing strategies to involve customers with a branded experience. Rather than going to the usual route of the flat and passive “sender, message, receiver” dynamic, experiential marketing creates an experience that a customer will enjoy in order to for them to have a positive connection with the brand. This creates longer-lasting impressions and a more meaningful connection that that of the traditional marketing messaging.

One of the greatest forms of experiential marketing is through events. Branded events are able to bring in large audiences who are sure to enjoy the experience, and connect that positive experience with the brand. This positive impression of the company can convert the event-goer into a long term, brand-loyal customer.

How we can help you

The next time you are getting ready for a marketing plan, remember that your audience values experiences, and an unintrusive marketing message. Do not be the prying sales guy that most customers or clients view as an annoyance but instead be the helpful salesperson that will provide them with what they will value.

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