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Top Questions to Ask When Renting a Photo Booth

As the popularity of the photo booth rentals for special events such as birthdays, weddings and even at corporate events is steadily rising, this has caused a considerable and steady surge of new businesses entering the industry of photo booth rentals in the market. In helping you find a trustworthy photo booth rental company, here are some top questions you would ask when you are considering which company to choose.

Do They Have References?

The same principle goes as to why would companies be asking for a reference when you are applying for a job. If a photo booth company is confident about the service that they are offering to their clients, they should not hesitate (and actually be proud) in providing you with references. In the case that they are not able to provide for a reference, it is then highly recommended to move on and find another company. To start, you can also find online reviews and testimonials such as Yelp, Facebook and Google My Business.

Do They Offer Customizations? 

If you are looking around for the best photo booth rental for your event, do not just settle for any type of booth. One of the biggest advantages of photo booths is that everything is virtually customizable, immersing all guests in a well-rounded experience that would also involve your brand of fun.

This often include placement of logos on pictures, but should not stop there. Ask about customizing the skins for the kiosk itself for the event or brand’s look and feel, also personalizing any emails going out to attendees to let your brand’s voice be heard.

What if Guests Want Extra Prints?

In today’s social media, having a photo print strip to go home with is wonderful but what about all others that were not able to make it on the big day? And what if guests would want multiple copies of the same photo to bring home with them? At the very least, the vendor should be able to provide you with a disc or a memory stick after the event with all the photos for everyone to upload on their social media accounts and would be able to share it online.

Does the Photo Booth Come with an Attendant?

Some people who acquires the service of the photo booth rentals thinks that it is safe to assume that the photo booth package comes with an attendant. Others maybe thinking that since it will operate on its own, it no longer require a knowledgeable photo booth staff. This assumption is wrong. You should always make sure that an attendant is present the entire rental time. By having an attendant, he or she will make sure that the photo booth runs smoothly and without a hitch.