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The Benefits of a Branded Photo Booth-Photo Booth Rental Birmingham

The Benefits of a Branded Photo Booth

If you are holding a corporate event to with the goal to create brand awareness, reach out to new customers and collect pertinent data, then a photo booth is your perfect tool of choice for the job. Not only does a photo booth offer a cost effective solution to marketing and promoting your brand and services, it also offers a value added solution for social media channels and beyond for your company. Read along and learn how.

  1. Increase engagement – engagement with customers or clients plays an important role of the corporate event and a photo booth provides the perfect platform to engage with customers or clients. Not only does the photo booth acts as an attraction but also is an ice breaker, a talking point for you and potential leads. Better engagement with customers and clients would mean that you can talk to them about current offerings and create a better dialogue. Guests will have the impression of the brand being approachable and easy to deal with. This helps with the data gathering easily from prospects for ongoing engagement and interaction.
  2. Creating lasting perceptions – perceptions of customers will make or break a brand and a business in general. It is crucial to give them a strong brand association. By using a branded photo booth will enable you to create a positive perception for your customers and they can take away impressions that are strong of your brand away from the photo booth photo prints. Not only that, you can guarantee that these photo prints will also be shown with co-workers, friends and family making your brand reach further without you doing anything.
  3. Getting noticed – a photo booth is a large stand-lone piece of advertising in itself that will stand out and will get noticed. In effect, it is advertising your brand loud and clear and with greater impact. It will also help to attract interest wherever it is used. In any event or location, our branded photo booths are used to great effect by incentivizing and diverting people for greater foot traffic or for simply, conversations with brand representatives.

Exclusive branding – Photo Booth Rental Birmingham works with clients to design the photo booth according to brand requirements and brand image. Our experienced design team will work with you to create the perfect design for your photo booth. You will get to see and approve the designs first before we go ahead and brand the photo booth exclusively for you. To create more of a promotional push, you can use your own messaging with the booth.