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Prom Planning Guide

For many graduating seniors, there is no event more fun and classy than the prom. The big event is nearing everyday. You and other students on your committee probably have chosen and booked the venue, had the theme picked and getting the details right. As part of the entertainment, make sure that your are renting a photo booth. Prom planning is much simpler if you break each task down one at a time.

Picking a Prom Theme and A Song

If you are a bit stuck in getting the ideas out, you can get some party decoration catalogs to help you. It can be really helpful to choose a theme or to get inspired when you have a variety of options that are presented to you. Choose some themes that you think that will get your classmate’s liking, then have the entire prom committee to vote on the prom motif. For the song, you can ask everybody to vote for which song it would be. To start, choose around 6 or 7 songs to vote to and also, you can have the suggestions for the song. As a general tip, you can use the song as a hint to shape your prom theme.

How About the Invitations?

Some students will decide not to attend the prom only basing the judgment on how the invitations would look. The invitation is a sentimental artifact of prom and this rings true for the senior class who would be graduating and departing the school soon. Make sure that the invite includes the basic information; location, time and date and should be matching the theme of the event. When planning the prom invite, nail the basic information then work on the aesthetics therefore, making it worth holding on to.

Choosing the Location

Some schools hold their proms usually in the gymnasium or auditorium while others take the dance to an off campus venue. Prepare the prom committee to look to convention centers, riverboats, ballrooms, and some large fancy restaurants. Also, try to think big and have an out of the box approach. Let your creativity inspire you.

Booking a Photo Booth for Your Prom

In addition to all the fun, excitement and the memories a photo booth makes, there are a lot more reasons as to why photo booths for your prom or graduation party needs one. Photo booths help individuals to mix, mingle and meet others. People who tend to be on the shy side will have a great time acting silly in the booth. Also, people do love to take souvenirs with them. Photo booth pictures are guaranteed to be on of the best prom favor. Trust us, people would be placing them on their fridge or office and they would often remain there for a lot of years. This would just show a lasting connection to the fond memories of memorable day.