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Photo Booth Rentals Birmingham- Charity Event Sponsorships

Photo Booth Rentals Birmingham: Charity Event Sponsorships

When organizing or planning a fundraising night, charities and non-profit groups will quickly realize that costs can quickly add up. Not to mention libations and food, event hosts are pressured to augment entertainment as well as other activities in setting their event from all others. This is the point in which we get inquiries for photo booth rentals.

Securing a Corporate Sponsor

Instead of thinking an open air photo booth rental is simply an entertainment at your charity event, it can also be a very good medium for promotion, branding and marketing for a corporate sponsor.

Here are some good ways your corporate sponsor can market themselves with a photo booth at your next charity event.

  1. You get every guest to take home a print out with your corporate sponsor’s logo in it. Let’s face it; flyers, business cards and event programs usually end up in purses or worse, wastebaskets almost immediately after any charity event. Compared to a photo booth print, the lifespan is longer because it is a unique personal item to the owner. Imagine your guests coming home and sticking the event program on the fridge. Probably not, but they would prefer sticking that photo with their friends, family or colleagues, which just happens to be branded with your corporate sponsor’s logo in it.
  2. Every print out will have your corporate sponsor’s logo in the backdrop. A step-and-repeat backdrop is the easiest way for your corporate sponsor to get excited about contributing your charity event’s photo booth rental. It also makes it easy because they would just need to submit their logo and that is just about it. Their logo now becomes inseparable from the severable hundred photos that is printed out on the photo booth at your event. These images can then be set as Facebook profile pictures, to be posted on Instagram and can be e-mailed to family which would mean that there is an infinite way how your corporate sponsor can be seen.
  3. Each of your shared photos at the event can include your corporate sponsor’s logo, handle and hashtags. Once you have a corporate sponsor, you can can then utilize the photo booth’s powerful social media sharing capability to attach any social media handles and hashtags. In the case that growing on social media is a priority for your corporate sponsor, this is a great way to help them achieve that goal.