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Photo Booth Rentals and Groupon Not a Good Match-Photo Booth Rental Birmingham

Photo Booth Rentals and Groupon: Not a Good Match

There are a lot of photo booth business out there that are getting on the Groupon and Living Social bandwagon. We do get calls asking if we are running any Groupon offers or if we are able to match a Groupon offer. To the dismay of the caller we constantly say that we are able to match a photo booth deal and will not take part in any Groupon type offers.

With the questions that we get, we see that some individuals store by cost. Exactly what these buyer do not understand is that a lot of photo booth business that are priced below “regular price” are typically start up businesses, that might have only one photo booth that has actually been improperly constructed in their garage the previous weekend.

Exactly what the majority of people do not recognize is that these terrific half off offers really cost the business using the Groupon not 50% of their earnings however 75% or more! If the initial cost for the Groupon is $20 and it’s marked down to $10, Groupon will keep for themselves a minimum of $5 leaving the supplier with $5 or less, depending on exactly what the supplier and Groupon worked out.

Affordable Does Not Mean Cheap

You will certainly get just what you spend for with Groupon suppliers. Using photo booths as an example: if you spend for a cheap photo booth, you’re getting a cheap photo booth. The pictures will frequently be rough and also indistinct, resembling they were taken with a disposable camera. Plus, the set-up will probably be the equivalent of a McDonald’s Big Mac – looks excellent on the advertisement, however ends up being garbage in the real world, leaving you naturally dissatisfied.


Often times these deals include black out dates, only allowing you to access the bargain if your event is on a specific day, which would usually be somewhere mid-week. If you do get lucky enough to locate a deal that will work for the day of your event, there’s no warranty that they will even turn up. Usually Groupon vendors will cancel your gathering last-minute or merely not show up in any way since “they did not check their schedule.” In addition to this comes horrible client service. Your photo booth will certainly either be self-service (and also you are stuck dealing with any technical troubles on your very own), or it will have a photo booth attendant who understands little to nothing regarding client service. Expect a minimum-wage-paid young adult who will likely be disengaged with guests and/or stuck on their phone the whole time.

Effort is Needed

A lot of photo booth suppliers supplying Groupon deals are also just plain lazy. Running any small company requires effort. Marketing, advertising, and running a strategic business plan is a challenging job. Groupon, on the other hand, is probably the very easy roadway for the majority of photo booth companies having little paybacks. It is evident that the photo booth company running the Groupon deal had not thought of the ramifications of the Groupon deal they ran till they load their entire schedule with events that pay little or absolutely nothing and soon they go under or pull no shows, maybe even at your event.