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Photo Booth Prices That Are Too Good to Be True-Photo Booth Rental Birmingham

Photo Booth Prices That Are Too Good to Be True

You’ve probably observed that there are a number of options when it comes to searching for a photo booth company for your wedding or event. Yet just like with haircuts and hotel rooms, generally the most affordable option isn’t the most ideal one. “You get what you pay” for is a popular phrase, and this particularly relates when choosing a photo booth company.

Here are some tips why you should not hire too good to be true photo booth deals


Poor Quality Photos and Badly Built Booths

Indeed, anyone can easily contract a service provider for $300 – $400 to provide a photo booth to your wedding celebration. However, here’s just what anyone may generally acquire by using these particular “budget” booths: A photo “booth” crafted from white PVC pipe (or possibly just one of those Easy-Up tents your father makes use at family Barbeques) including a poor quality (and also not to mention, slow) inkjet printer, and an unenthusiastic personnel relaxing at a basic plastic table with a notebook computer checking out their Facebook newsfeed. This is not a fabricated scenario; this is coming from a real local photo booth company that our team have certainly come across at wedding receptions using this arrangement.


Slow and Inefficient Photo Booths

Professional-grade photo printers is not cheap. The majority of these types of budget photo booth services will certainly use less costly and slow color printers. You see that inkjet printer which you make use of to print homework assignments in your home? That’s most likely the exact same version which the budget companies are generally making use of in their photo booth. Not just is the quality unsatisfactory, but the prints will be damp and quite easily sullied.

Supposing that these particular photo booth companies are really making use of an inkjet printer, they will most likely also need to hand cut the paper to be the sizing of a photo strip (while a pretty good printer will print and cut at the same period of time). If these guys have not cut the strips beforehand, this shows that they are going to will have to trim every single photo strip as they print. This leads to each photo session taking a lot longer, which guarantees that a lot fewer people will have the opportunity to use the booth. If you only get half as many persons using your booth simply because it is ineffective, are you actually saving money by going along with the less costly photo booth company?


They Are Not Expensive as You Have Thought

Most of the time, the “budget” rate does not provide a couple of the necessary elements that married couples prefer, such as props, a guest book, or maybe printed pictures (in some cases the inexpensive fee basically consists of digital copies). These particular service providers generally ask for more for these “add-ons”. By the time that they “nickel-and-dime” you with upgrades, the budget booth isn’t really much of a deal.


Cheap Photo Booths Are Cheap for a Reason

A lot of cheap photo booth companies are cheap simply because these guys are merely starting out, and this is just a little something these individuals carry out to earn additional money on the weekends. Considering that these particular companies are actually brand new as well as somewhat not known, the fastest means to make sales is to become the least costly. Being not experienced suggests that they are most likely to encounter complications. Photo booths are very complex and generally there are a million small details which can fail.

Companies that accomplish a fantastic job are simply in demand, they do not may want to present packages or emulate budget priced competitors. Certainly there’s a good reason which the other guys are less expensive, and you do not would like to figure out the tough way by having them screw up your event or wedding.