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Maximizing Halloween Sales at Theme Parks and Attractions Through Photography - Photo Booth Rental Birmingham

Maximizing Halloween Sales at Theme Parks and Attractions Through Photography

To help grow your sales during this time, there is real value on focusing on the target market that are already prime for the event – young adults and families. The goal is to try to bump up sales by bumping their spending and encouraging impulse purchases. With Halloween themed merchandise and in-store events increasing every year, you can creatively drive revenue and encourage impulse purchases.

With the season, what spooky photography methods can you put into place to increase spend from your visitors?

  1. A Halloween Photo Booth – Thousands upon thousands of selfies are taken everyday and with the average time of a young adult spending 3 hours a week to try to perfect the art of posing for the camera. Try to add a photo booth to your offering. Get some costumes and props and your parks or attraction will definitely will become an instant hit with the instant photo prints.
  2. Vintage Halloween Photography – If you are an attraction with a haunted house and have the perfect eerie background, offer the chance to take a ghostly vintage photo with your guests in some of the spookier rooms. You can turn them into ghosts or ghouls with old fashion clothing and capture it in sepia to give the vintage effect.
  3. Halloween Souvenirs – You can increase spend at your attraction or theme park by offering high quality photo prints which can also make as ideal filler gifts and is not generally that expensive.
  4. Taking Advantage of the Latest Print Technology – Give movement to the photo. Take photos with you customer and with the help of the latest photo manipulation technology, turn them into zombies, witches or vampires. This is a sure hit gimmick to young adults.
  5. In-Experience Photo Taking – Have an app that customer can use while walking through your built frightful experience and let them interact with their surroundings using the app. Think of Google Cardboard only with your theme park or attraction and with the spooky elements on it.

So here there are, some creative photographic opportunities to do on Halloween. These are different ways to take pictures but would end up with the same goal of having to produce a fantastic picture at an affordable price.