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Marketing Communications: Event Marketing

Event sponsorship is an important bit of the corporate events maze, often than not, it can be challenging and can be a bore to implement. Take a look at the overall scenario, event sponsors would want full exposure to event attendees and these same attendees would like to max out the fun and interact with each other. These two entirely different things can clash and is tricky. If done not on the expected way, it can come off as pushy, in-your-face marketing.

The initial instinct of the event planner is often adding the sponsor’s logo all over the event collaterals – on the website where you can purchase tickets and on the tickets themselves, on the informational booklets or flyers, and every place people would look or walk into like doorways and the photo booth. This acceptable only to a point and encouraging guests to interact with a sponsor goes far beyond just the placement of a logo or anything that will cross their line of sight during the event. There are other fun and interactive means to connect guests with sponsors that will leave a lasting impression. Here are some ideas to help start your ideas.

Experiential Marketing – it is not exactly a buzzword in the marketing industry, it is an effective way to encourage event attendees to mingle with brands in a more engaging way. When it comes to promoting a brand at an event, consumer engagement is the way in doing it so successfully.

Breaking the Ice – for activities at events, it certainly can be a little bit awkward and stiff. Photo booths are excellent ice breakers and people magnets. Event attendees will be drawn to the photo both and will be mingling and hanging around it as they wait for their turn. After all, sharing a laugh is one of the best way to meet with other people.

Building Brand Community with Social Engagement – taking the photo is just only the beginning. Event marketing can increase social engagement by allowing guests to instantly share their photos via a wide variety of communication channels. One best practice is setting your photo booth social sharing to include a pre-set text – hashtags are better, in tracking the ROI of your photo booth campaign after the event. It is well proven that photos that are posted on Facebook will generate 55% more likes that that of the average post. This then suggest that there is a large opportunity for a ripple effect in awareness for your online community with photo booth social sharing.