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How to Plan Your Wedding Photography

Photo booths are not an up and coming trend and they are a requirement on weddings today. Wedding couples really do like the concept of providing guests with a photo booth that is filled with props with the goal that the guests can bring home souvenirs from the event. From a wedding photographer’s evaluation, having a photo booth in your wedding package is an incredibly easy method in increasing the general appeal and revenue of your packages. Here are some points why you would need to add a photo booth in your wedding packages.

Now that you have found your photographer and you have the task with working with them in getting a package that would suit your needs. Before jumping in right to the details, Photo Booth Rental Birmingham advises to see the big picture first in your imagination first. By organizing a timeline of your wedding, all who plays a vital role on the day will make sure that the wedding will go off without any snags.

Outlining the Needs of Your Big Day 

The plan of the day is important in figuring out how many hours are needed for the photography coverage that you would need for the day. This will also give you some idea on some details that needs to be captured; the wedding dress, flowers, rings and decorations. Would you also be thinking of just as much shots of the groom and the groomsmen as you would have with the bride and the bridesmaids?

Covering the Reception 

After the major ceremony, guests will definitely head to the reception venue which where the majority of the couple’s photos would be taken. Try to think on the special things you would be doing during the ceremony that you would like to get on film. Special dances, cake cutting, speeches just to name a few. After you get an impression on how the long day would be, on the details that you would want to be captured, then you would look more into the details of each package a photographer has to offer. Also, give yourself some buffer when booking photography packages as some things might take longer than expected. Delays due to traffic, wardrobe and technical issues can extend the length of your day. If you have anticipated a 9-hour day, it is wise to not just book exactly it. Give yourself some extra time and make sure that you have extra time to make sure that all of your special memories are covered and not just the ones that you can predict.

Understanding Options

Many photographers do provide standard hours while some that cater to smaller weddings that would require shorter hours. Also, some photographers bundle in photo booth services with their photography packages. It is more likely that the bundled services will help you save some wedding bucks. Another advantage is that you can have an added convenience by dealing with only one company for all your needed wedding day documentation.