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How to Plan the Perfect 21st Party!

Turning 21 is a big milestone in your life – it’s the start of adulthood! Make your 21 st birthday an event you will never forget by planning the perfect party to start your year right. Check out our tips for planning the perfect 21 st birthday party and welcome your adulthood with a bang!

Customize your own liquor theme

Now that you can legally drink, it’s no surprise that your 21 st birthday celebration theme will be liquor. Bring it up a notch by being specific with your themed drinks – do you want a James Bond or Mad Men liquor theme, a Tiki party, or a wine-tasting event? Maybe you want a DIY cocktail- mixing party or a tailgating theme. It’s entirely up to you!

Prepare drinking games

Whether you’re celebrating the party somewhere else before hitting the club or you’re holding your party inside the club, you need to have drinking games prepared for you and your (legally drinking) friends. Put an adult spin to the old “Truth or Dare” game by changing “Truth” to “Drink,” or organize a Drinking Olympics featuring 21 different types of drinks – on the rocks, cocktails, and shooters. A drinking game is a fun activity for your guests that ensures everyone has that slight buzz that you need when you go out dancing!

Rent a photo booth

A photo booth is a fun welcome for your guests, but it serves another purpose as well: it documents your progress through the night as you drink! With a photo booth in your party, you can capture any candid moments that you and your friends have without worrying that one of your friends won’t be part of the pic because he’s serving as the photographer. You’ll be surprised at the photos you’ll see at the end of your celebration!

Get a party limo

It’s a bit of a splurge, but if your friends are willing to split the tab, why not get a party limo to take you to the club and around town after your party? Make sure to bring a few bottles of bubbly to keep the party going while you’re on the road! (It’s also a safe way to go around town – you’re not supposed to be driving when you’re drinking!)

Remember your underage peers

Naturally, you’ll have some guests who will still be waiting for their turn to celebrate this milestone. Help them join in on the fun by serving virgin cocktails, Shirley Temples and root beers. They’ll get their turn soon enough!