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How to Improve Your Event Marketing Strategy with Photo Booths

Finding a way to make a corporate event be a success is often a big challenge as you would need to find the balance to put your company’s marketing agenda while keeping all the guests entertained at the same time. A good photo booth rental for your event will provide for the entertainment for your guests and can also add to the marketing efforts.  Whether it is a trade show, conference or a product launch party – an open air photo booth can be the perfect medium with lead generation, brand awareness and making relationships.

Bringing in people together

Photo booths are largely a group experience and it is rare that people take pictures in the photo booth alone. Having a photo booth is a great way to make sure that your guests will have a moment to relax, enjoy and make connections that might last long after the evening.

Photo booths not only attracts guests but also acts as the perfect conversation starters. Additionally, photo booths can be designed for large scale event marketing by including the option to require guests to exchange email addresses before or after their use of the photo booth.

Building Brand Community with Social Engagement

You can go a bit further with photo booths as you can encourage your guests to use specific Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Hashtags to their pictures. It does not take much of an effort to make a dent in the world of social media and increasing your company’s social media presence with a photo booth. Take note, photos posted on Facebook generates 55% more likes than the average post. Meaning, there is a large opportunity for brand awareness for your online community.

Creating Keepsakes

If you want to make sure that guests would keep the event (and your brand) in mind after they have gone home, make sure that they have something that they can keep. Photo print templates are now customizable and the today’s print technology can assure delivery within 20 seconds. That saves attendees from the awkwardness of waiting or on worse scenario, walking away without their branded photo print. In addition to the company logo or brand, you can also add in links that will direct guests to a landing page for a measurable event-based lead generation.

A good event photo booth can change your company’s event from one that simply focused to one that is both fun and effective. Whether you are looking in making memories, increasing online presence of your company, a photo booth is always a good choice to make to get all the jobs done.