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How to Create a Successful Hashtag for Your Wedding

These days, it is almost guaranteed that a lot of people will have their phones out taking photos as this allows easy and immediate access to see them. Instead of waiting weeks from the professionals, social media channels such as Instagram allows you to search for the photos as soon as the wedding is over. Other social media channels such as Twitter allows users to use hashtags to see the tweets people write. This is also readily available in Facebook too. There are even online services that harvests photos for you from social media sites and bundle them into a single view and sometimes even a downloadable album.

One effective way to let everyone know about your hashtag is to create table cards that are highly visible to guests. With it, briefly explain the process and provide them with a hashtag you would choose. Other ways to get folk staging is by hanging a sign with your hashtag on it in a bar and have your MC or wedding DJ announce it several times. If you have a wedding photo booth, make sure that your hashtags are on them too!

Here are some few guidelines to make your wedding social media hashtags awesome!

  1. Make sure that your hashtag is unique and personal – In order to stand out from all the hashtags out there, try to make your hashtag something unique and personal to you. A one-of-a-kind hashtag will make sure that you and your guests will be viewing only the photos from your big day and not somebody else’s photos.
  2. Keeping it short and simple – You would want your guests to use the hashtag, making it simple enough to remember and spelt correctly. If you chose to have a long and difficultly spelled hashtag, we advise you to consider tweaking it.
  3. Avoid Punctuations and symbols – Remember, hashtags on Twitter and Instagram should contain only letters and numbers. For example, #John&Jane may look perfect but the & (ampersand) character will break up the hashtag so it cuts off after #John. Redo your hashtags if you have any other characters other than letters and numbers.
  4. Spreading the word – It is highly recommended to add your hashtags on all materials related to your wedding. Start with the save the date mailers. A signage for your hashtag is critical if you want to tag their photos. Try placing signs with the hashtag at the bar, table napkins and on table cards. This will give people a gentle reminder to tag and share the fun.

We at Photo Booth Rental Birmingham are are highly knowledgeable with social media and hashtag game We also bring in a wide variety of services that makes weddings more fun and captures memories for a lifetime.