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How Much Do You Think A DIY Photo Booth Is?

How Much Do You Think A DIY Photo Booth Is?

Ok, it is final. You are considering a getting a photo booth. With the decision you had, you have considered a DIY photo booth and you are already having some big ideas. You also have started to do your part in researching for the cost of a photo booth. You may be willing to put in the time and effort it takes to complete your project in order to save money, but here are some few points why it may not be the cost saver as it is thought to be.

Figuring out the costs in advance

A photo booth is not inexpensive as originally thought. To start, a camera is needed. A webcam can be used for some booth applications but a DSLR is still the industry standard that the pros use.  Another cost that needs to considered is the printer. A professional sub-dye printer is a standard that is being used by the reputable photo booth operators use. Home printers can be used as an alternative but consider how much would you be spending for the ink cartridges and photo paper. Factor these in and you might want to reconsider your plan.

Lighting and Props

Every photo booth needs lighting, props and a backdrop. Lighting is crucial in making those high quality photos. By having sufficient lighting (and the experience), this factor separates the pros from the inexperienced. To note, the usual professional photo booth lighting set up always has key light supporting lighting for the background. As for the props, they also add up. Extra large glasses and hats, feather boas, are all part of a photo booth rental and will literally cost you hundreds of dollars to replicate.

Photo Booth Software

The software to you the photo booth is outright critical and is expensive. Software can range widely in cost, features and their user friendliness. When it comes to software, try to download demo products to try the software and do your necessary tests. Even if by looking at professionals and some websites can may look to do it easy, underneath that pretense, there is indeed a lot of trouble that can arise. The usual troubles occur is between the software to hardware or hardware to hardware issues. Make sure you have enough technical capability to solve the issues as they arise on your DIY photo booth.

We highly suggest that you do your research and figure out the real cost before you finalize your decision on how to secure a photo booth to your event. A DIY photo booth can be complicated as it gets and costs might go uncontrollable without doing proper research and direction. Some people might have their way with a DIY option and some might not.