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How Can You Make an Impact at a Trade Show – With a Photo Booth, of course!

Trade shows in general is all about the experience. A characteristic of a live trade show has music, art installations and lots of vibrant exhibits that showcase the latest and greatest services or products. For a trade show participant, the question to ask is “How will I attract effectively visitors to my exhibit?” Adding a photo booth would do! We at Photo Booth Rental Birmingham, would like to give you some ideas how to get your exhibit the buzz even after the trade show.

  1. Drive traffic – People love taking pictures, especially taking pictures of themselves. With a photo booth with your exhibit piece, it immediately creates interest and visitors will be pulled in your booth for a fun and memorable trade show souvenir. As visitors wait in line to get their pictures taken, this is the perfect timing to talk to your audience and promote your products and services as well as exchange business cards, shake hands and throw in a quick question and answer interaction with everyone.
  2. Harness the power of social media and other related marketing promotions – The end of the interaction does not end when one has taken photos in the booth. Develop a social media strategy that surrounds your trade show exhibit such as a Facebook link, hashtags and Twitter handles on the photo booth backdrop and on the photo print outs. Photo booth guests will have a souvenir that instantly promotes your social media pages. To add, your guests would be able to share their pictures taken on their own social media accounts adding to your overall brand reach beyond the trade show.
  3. A hang out lounge – Trade shows are often times busy and sitting down for a break becomes a luxury. A photo booth is a delightful piece on a lounge as it allows people to relax and take pictures with their friends.
  4. Making the impact even after the event – After a busy day of selling, networking and promoting, you would want to see that your trade show photo booth did its part in creating the lasting impression. Lucky for you, this is a core advantage of having a photo booth. Additionally, to photo booth users sharing pictures via social media accounts, you can also draw back website visitors by creating a landing page for all the pictures to be shown on that day. Website visitors will be able to scroll through the hundreds of pictures taken and will also enjoy seeing who else got the goofiest snapshots.

With a photo booth, you make your exhibit visitors the stars of the event or to your booth at the very least and while making the hype that surrounds your brand. A photo booth will always create that lasting and positive impression.