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Getting the Most of your Wedding Photography

We do get it. It is pretty normal to be a bit concerned that when you will look back at your wedding photos and you are wishing that you had taken that particular photo you have pinned on Pinterest or maybe you have realized that you forgot to capture that specific picture of you and your mother on your wedding day. While it is certainly a hectic day and every bride has her own wish list with whom she wants to take pictures with her on the special day. Photo Booth Rental Birmingham has some special ideas on how to make those important photo sessions of your wedding day to run smooth as possible.

  1. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration but do not let it rule your judgment – Using Pinterest can be a great source of ideas and inspiration when done correctly. It can help in areas like your décor and possible options for the types of photos you would want to capture and recreate. Though do not permit your list of Pinterest wants and must haves take over. Do not allow your self to be stressed on capturing everything on your wedding board, which will take a lot of the naturalness of your wedding. Some of the best shots come from unexpected timing, emotions and actions of everyone. It is just a matter of capturing these which makes your big day memorable.
  2. Creating a Wedding Day Timeline – Have a meeting with your photographer and try to have a timeline of your photos. Like a storyboard. Photo Booth Rental Birmingham suggests this so you make sure that all the important details get captured. Utilize of your photographers’ professional advantage on having them communicate with vendors; such as your flowers, venue, coordinator, open air photo booths and DJ to work along the proposed timeline. This way, everyone is properly informed on the general flow of the day.
  3. Try to Have a Trial Session – Traditionally, this is not acceptable but if you can, try to have a ‘rehearsal’ session with the photography professionals to maximize time and get them to capture those special moments between you and and your groom without the folly of the day and family in the mix. First looks are magnificent since it is an intimate time between the bride and groom. Your wedding day will go so fast and if you are open to the idea, consider having a time with your groom to enjoy the moments with him. There will be probably a few and far between on your wedding day.

In conclusion, there are a lot of precious moments that needs to be captured on your wedding day. You would want to remember these moments for