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Corporate Events and Photo Booths

It almost common knowledge that a photo booth is nothing more than a regular fixture on train stations or shopping malls (think of passport photos!). Here at Photo Booth Rental Birmingham, we are to break that cliché. With our equipment and technology, we have the production experience to handle small and big events as well as top black tie events. We have what is required to make sure that your corporate event is one occasion that guests will be talking a lot for the months or years to come. Here is why:

  1. Corporate print designs. Photo Booth Rental Birmingham gives your staff and guests more than just a good first impression and party novelties but also fully customizable prints to receive every time they go through the booth. Branding and messaging is quite literally placed to the hands of those who you want it the most. No matter what the event is, you can put the website address, new product details, or new branding right there in front of them. The best part, they will not end up in the trash basket on the way out of the function. They will surely be kept and shown to more people.
  2. Few other marketing options can give this level of advertising retention. If the image you corporation portrays to the public is fun with images of employees having fun, guests having a great time, it is natural that people would associate it with a positive vibe with decent values. After all, how could employees be smiling and guests too are enjoying if the corporation operates otherwise?
  3. There is no ‘I’ in a team. Neither on a photo booth too. Standing in front of a photo booth is not the general idea of having fun. With an open air phot booth, it allows guests to see the action and with our experience, all would want to be in the frame. This would mean that people who do not have any connections can be pulling monkey faces with arms wrapped around each other. It is indeed a great way to build a team and would be sharing the experience all through their personal or professional lives.
  4. Breaking the cliché. Corporations are dull, in a sense. The word does not give us exactly images of fun, vibrant times and workmate camaraderie. If anything, the mere mention of the word would send people from money driven, socially unaware motives and the typical vision of workers tied to desks from 9 to 5 every work week. This common understanding can be broken with renting a photo booth at parties. The various props encourage employees and guess to get out of their comfort zones and allow the adult shenanigans to get out. It will be a great boding experience and is a perfect way for people to relax and engage in non-work related conversations.

There you go. Here are some few good points to ponder on how to spice up your next corporate event. For inquiries. please do not hesitate to contact us at (205) 202-1650.