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Finding Quality Photo Booth Rentals

Whether you are currently looking for a photo booth rental company or will be in the future, you’ll quickly discover there can be several typically difficult elements to consider. Nevertheless, every person’s goal is merely to discover the best possible service at the absolute best possible rate. We have really found you could streamline this […]


Measuring the Results of an Experiential Marketing Campaign

It’s a brand-new marketing world out there. Although even as we’ve progressed away from the days when crafty taglines and product placements were really the most essential tools in a firm’s tool belt into a world that demands advertising and marketing to be high-tech, immersive, experiential, and social, one thing continues to be consistent. Marketers […]


Your Company Should Invest in Engagement Marketing

During the days that when the usual media exposure just comes from radio, TV, and print, audiences are used to passively retaining marketing messages. Today, with the latest technology (Internet, Youtube, Search Engines) and unlimited other options that put the audience in charge what they want to see, traditional marketing messages such as TV commercials […]


The Benefits of a Branded Photo Booth

If you are holding a corporate event to with the goal to create brand awareness, reach out to new customers and collect pertinent data, then a photo booth is your perfect tool of choice for the job. Not only does a photo booth offer a cost effective solution to marketing and promoting your brand and […]


Spicing Up Your Event with a Photo Booth

Photo booths are making a big come back! Well, photo booths never really went away, they are just becoming more and more well known. Whether you have already decided that photo booth rental will be a part of your party or you are still contemplating on it, here are ways how photo booths can help […]


Marketing Communications: Event Marketing

Event sponsorship is an important bit of the corporate events maze, often than not, it can be challenging and can be a bore to implement. Take a look at the overall scenario, event sponsors would want full exposure to event attendees and these same attendees would like to max out the fun and interact with […]