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Photo Booth Prices That Are Too Good to Be True-Photo Booth Rental Birmingham

Photo Booth Prices That Are Too Good to Be True

You’ve probably observed that there are a number of options when it comes to searching for a photo booth company for your wedding or event. Yet just like with haircuts and hotel rooms, generally the most affordable option isn’t the most ideal one. “You get what you pay” for is a popular phrase, and this particularly relates when choosing a photo booth company.

Here are some tips why you should not hire too good to be true photo booth deals


Poor Quality Photos and Badly Built Booths

Indeed, anyone can easily contract a service provider for $300 – $400 to provide a photo booth to your wedding celebration. However, here’s just what anyone may generally acquire by using these particular “budget” booths: A photo “booth” crafted from white PVC pipe (or possibly just one of those Easy-Up tents your father makes use at family Barbeques) including a poor quality (and also not to mention, slow) inkjet printer, and an unenthusiastic personnel relaxing at a basic plastic table with a notebook computer checking out their Facebook newsfeed. This is not a fabricated scenario; this is coming from a real local photo booth company that our team have certainly come across at wedding receptions using this arrangement.


Slow and Inefficient Photo Booths

Professional-grade photo printers is not cheap. The majority of these types of budget photo booth services will certainly use less costly and slow color printers. You see that inkjet printer which you make use of to print homework assignments in your home? That’s most likely the exact same version which the budget companies are generally making use of in their photo booth. Not just is the quality unsatisfactory, but the prints will be damp and quite easily sullied.

Supposing that these particular photo booth companies are really making use of an inkjet printer, they will most likely also need to hand cut the paper to be the sizing of a photo strip (while a pretty good printer will print and cut at the same period of time). If these guys have not cut the strips beforehand, this shows that they are going to will have to trim every single photo strip as they print. This leads to each photo session taking a lot longer, which guarantees that a lot fewer people will have the opportunity to use the booth. If you only get half as many persons using your booth simply because it is ineffective, are you actually saving money by going along with the less costly photo booth company?


They Are Not Expensive as You Have Thought

Most of the time, the “budget” rate does not provide a couple of the necessary elements that married couples prefer, such as props, a guest book, or maybe printed pictures (in some cases the inexpensive fee basically consists of digital copies). These particular service providers generally ask for more for these “add-ons”. By the time that they “nickel-and-dime” you with upgrades, the budget booth isn’t really much of a deal.


Cheap Photo Booths Are Cheap for a Reason

A lot of cheap photo booth companies are cheap simply because these guys are merely starting out, and this is just a little something these individuals carry out to earn additional money on the weekends. Considering that these particular companies are actually brand new as well as somewhat not known, the fastest means to make sales is to become the least costly. Being not experienced suggests that they are most likely to encounter complications. Photo booths are very complex and generally there are a million small details which can fail.

Companies that accomplish a fantastic job are simply in demand, they do not may want to present packages or emulate budget priced competitors. Certainly there’s a good reason which the other guys are less expensive, and you do not would like to figure out the tough way by having them screw up your event or wedding.

What Photo Booth Style of Photo Booth Should I Rent for My Event-Photo Booth Rental Birmingham

What Photo Booth Style of Photo Booth Should I Rent for My Event?

A photo booth is an amazing add-on for a wedding celebration, birthday party, corporate or black tie event.

It is a really delightful reminder to get people recollect the event by, and can certainly bring in that unique hype which you happen to be going for if you would like an event lots of people will be referring to for weeks and several months later on.

The photo booth industry has grown considerably within a rather quick time– from the common enclosed pop up “pseudo photo booth” along with a basic structure and curtain wrap, to the absolute most sophisticated of imaginative styles in which now reach futuristic designs and even entire vehicles to house the booth in.

The photo booth really has indeed come a long way from the typical passport form photo stations of the old times.

The Traditional Photo Booth

The very first kind of photo booth is the conventional type. This is probably the most common photo booth available out there and also it is one particular thing that is certainly fairly comparable to what the early mechanized photo booth machines appeared to be. You recognize the style– the booth’s just where you used in order to get your passport photos printed.

They are usually more like installed photo booths that are typically totally automated. They do not normally a lot of service from an attendant considering that these kinds of booths usually are kitted out along with uncomplicated push button software program which permits the person to control the whole photo taking process.

This is a kind of photo booth that may be self sufficient with little outside help required to operate and would certainly be perfect for events such as weddings, birthdays or school events.

The downside to this particular kind of photo booth though is because they have actually gotten remarkably familiar to most people, thus might not produce the degree of enthusiasm to your event guests that you would like.

The Open Air Photo Booth

The next type of photo booth is the open air style. This particular type of arrangement is relatively different from the conventional setup as it is not actually a booth (in a way) because booths are meant to be generally enclosed and open air ones are actually just kind of “out there”. Theoretically speaking, the setup is pretty much the same, however. You still feature the camera, the lights, and the printer, even the automatic shutter remote control and all that is really missing off the equation will be the panels that enclose the booth.

The drawback to this however is that it might be a bit compromising to carry out the really ridiculous poses when there are a lot of individuals going past, loafing being spectators, or just queuing up to get ready for their turn to have their photos taken in the photo booth.

Photo booth pictures are notorious for individuals carrying out crazy and inconvenient poses in so this may be a little bit of a turn off for folks who are definitely not too fond being seen carrying out wild stuff.

This particular type of booth typically comes along with an attendee to man the technicalities of the thing. He is normally there to repair any sort of small concerns, correct the lights, fill up the ink of the laser printer, and primarily clarify to people how the photo booth work and how it should be utilized.

This type of photo booth is great for really big parties for example, company product launches simply because there is no restriction to the number of individuals that could fit into the pic. Just as long as they fit in the framing of the backdrop, it should be really good to proceed. The open air photo booth configuration typically provides much more area and flexibility to move around and aside from the spectators; it can be a really excellent option to go with.

The Caravan Photo Booth

There is also the caravan photo booth. It is not precisely as strange as it sounds. It is just essentially just the same just like other standard photo booth only that it comes in with a twist– the setup is in a classic caravan.

It can possibly be really extremely great for events with motifs. Obviously at most places it is commonly placed outdoors. It will typically have a background, a chair, and some props on one side of the truck and the opposite side is put together with the touch screen menu for photo taking, the cam, the lights, the printer, and so on and so forth.

This is something which adds on benefit in terms of marketing promotions and advertising and that seems genuinely captivating and fascinating. The draw back to this though is that this occupies an awful lot of space so you kind of want a huge venue for this. It can also be considerably pricey but in the event that you are seeking to impress and surpass something, this could be the ideal photo booth for your event.

Finding Quality Photo Booth Rentals-Photo Booth Rental Birmingham

Finding Quality Photo Booth Rentals

Whether you are currently looking for a photo booth rental company or will be in the future, you’ll quickly discover there can be several typically difficult elements to consider. Nevertheless, every person’s goal is merely to discover the best possible service at the absolute best possible rate. We have really found you could streamline this goal by evaluating all photo booth companies by 3 groups; quality, features, and cost. This technique of comparison ought to enhance your opportunities of locating a photo booth company that will treat you ethically which will certainly add to the probability of an overall effective photo booth experience for you as well as your guests.

The first aspect really should always be quality, which is more than the price of their hardware. We are discussing on trying to figure out their corporate values. Would these professionals treat you with respect and fairness or do they view making and preserving money as their only motivation for your deal. Just like anywhere in life honest individuals generally do the right thing in all aspects of their lives and not just pick and choose. So knowing a company’s ethical quality amazingly takes little effort and only requires asking a pair of questions. Basically ask them first (although you already know the answer) in the event that they will quickly explain the sales tax legislations in their area (percentages, how often paid, etc) and second can they provide proof of liability insurance? If they aren’t able to address either of these questions we suggest moving on to a different company. To begin with, if a company is staying away from their civic obligations as a business owner, this indicates a shortfall of regard to both state and local governments. Next if they do not cover liability insurance coverage this shows a lack of respect for their own business. However, whenever you choose a company that can present helpful facts to each of the concerns this show me just not only their recognition for their industry and their business but demonstrate me they would probably extend the same regard to their clients too.

The second factor is the photo booth features. Take note, not all photo booth packages are the same so do not judge by price only. Once you have identified two out of three companies that pass the initial “ethics” assessment, aim to get written quotes from these photo booth companies. For example, we see these Groupon promotions for a two-hour photo booth package deal for, let’s say, $199. Supposing that you know how Groupon works the company basically gets 50% of that sale. The fact is the expenses of a responsible photo booth business can not be met by earning $99 for a 2-hour affair presents a quite undesirable opinion about this company. To begin with this company is not taking the commercial enterprise, their company, or their clients genuinely. Second, if they have the capacity to work on these fees then who has an idea just what some other corners they are cutting that you as a clientele don’t know about. Last, please do not demand a credible photo booth company that successfully pass the first quality “ethics” test, to fit this price tag considering that neither the quality or the attributes will be similar.

Once you have confirmed all your price quote are from your choice of companies and also you have acknowledged the distinctions and resemblances in their packages, features and add-ons, only now should you begin to review their prices. You could acknowledge one quote presents more features and at the best price which naturally makes your choice convenient. Having said that, you also may find one company has a lesser price but also less features presented. This is just where you need to review how significant the missing services are you to? For instance, just how important is social media to you? Probably your event is for nursing home who reasonably won’t value this detail. With this information, you should be ready to make an informed conclusion.

To conclude, once you have chosen a reputable photo booth company who you feel confident will treat you right, please offer these guys the very same regard and not even request them to “price match” or perhaps much worse to merely “reduce their price.” Photo booth companies have certainly trained themselves on their business significantly beyond drawing a number from the air or visiting an event, collecting a check, and watching revenues grow. Certainly there is a lot more behind the situations to establish the costs for a socially responsible enterprise. These photo booth companies have carried out their home work to ascertain how much it takes to keep the business holding up and generate a respectable income. That respectable profit is just what they deserve for proving you not only the features you ought to get but also the “superior” peace of mind prior to the gathering that is exactly what you’re getting when you’ve basically got one try to get your event right!

Measuring the Results of an Experiential Marketing Campaign-Photo Booth Rental Birmingham

Measuring the Results of an Experiential Marketing Campaign

It’s a brand-new marketing world out there. Although even as we’ve progressed away from the days when crafty taglines and product placements were really the most essential tools in a firm’s tool belt into a world that demands advertising and marketing to be high-tech, immersive, experiential, and social, one thing continues to be consistent. Marketers and their clients want to have the capacity to determine precisely how efficiently– or perhaps even if ever– their initiatives are actually working.

When you’re building out and releasing an experiential marketing initiative for a client, no matter how big or how small, whether it’s designed around in-aisle solutions or it is a building-sized set up, keeping on top of all these following tips can let you better gauge what’s getting the job done and just what actually isn’t, setting you up to both validate prospective experiential marketing programs and in order to know how to make them a success.

Tracking and Analyzing Interaction Data

Traditional advertising hasn’t continually lent itself to readily establishing what marketing message is driving which user behavior. However, just one of the significant benefits to experiential marketing taking us way further than solutions just like the basic billboard or the one-way commercial is that it enables buyers to personally interact with brands and makes brands gather good data with regards to the interactions. Devices like touch screens– although these serve the main objective of creating a remarkable interaction with a brand– could also gather robust information regarding that interaction on the background.

Establishing what kind of conversion you are looking out for off of a consumer and then running analytics on the data accumulated from the point of interaction to find out how many conversions took place and with what conditions might take you far in knowing whenever a given project was a success.

Observe, Quantify, and Qualify Social Chatter

Social network channels are just one of the prime ways which people communicate, therefore it is not just important for marketers to pay attention to the buzz which they have managed in order to spark online anymore– it’s necessary.

The particular social media channels where your experiential campaign is catching on in could reveal to you a great deal about exactly who is checking out your consumer’s brand even right before you dig further right into demographics. Should your promotion is being Snapchatted, that reveals to you something different from when it’s getting “likes” on Facebook. Although while looking at shares, likes, pins, and what have you is crucial, it is equally necessary to dig down and discover what people are actually saying about the campaign. Understand what the numbers are saying to you, but also realize what consumers are disclosing you in their own voices.

Identify specifically how and also the reason why you have impressed a specific customer segment and after that look at the size and importance related to your client’s brand. This definitely will enable you call a conclusive success the moment you see it. Furthermore, ingrained in those comments could be a bit of sage wisdom about your client’s customers’ mindsets and the things it concerns an experiential campaign that is clicking with them.

Find out the Impact Over the Long Term

Drawing consumers’ eyes to a brand with a wow factor is, certainly, the main thing which an experiential marketing initiative can do astonishingly effectively. And yet an experience that gets hold of people in the present moment yet that they then leave really isn’t essentially a success. Experiential marketing needs to be about more than nothing but helping make a flashy impression– it must support that impression toward continual brand loyalty, keeping new customers coming again to the brand and shaping all of them into brand evangelists.

Exactly how can you measure that? The moment you are setting up an experience, do not merely think about instant conversions– ponder, and put yourself up to determine, conversations far into the long term. When the marketing campaign triggers a sales bump, do not stop paying attention there– manage to keep recording customer interactions, reviewing the figures, and paying attention to what those clients whom the campaign took aboard are doing.

Photo Booth Rentals and Groupon Not a Good Match-Photo Booth Rental Birmingham

Photo Booth Rentals and Groupon: Not a Good Match

There are a lot of photo booth business out there that are getting on the Groupon and Living Social bandwagon. We do get calls asking if we are running any Groupon offers or if we are able to match a Groupon offer. To the dismay of the caller we constantly say that we are able to match a photo booth deal and will not take part in any Groupon type offers.

With the questions that we get, we see that some individuals store by cost. Exactly what these buyer do not understand is that a lot of photo booth business that are priced below “regular price” are typically start up businesses, that might have only one photo booth that has actually been improperly constructed in their garage the previous weekend.

Exactly what the majority of people do not recognize is that these terrific half off offers really cost the business using the Groupon not 50% of their earnings however 75% or more! If the initial cost for the Groupon is $20 and it’s marked down to $10, Groupon will keep for themselves a minimum of $5 leaving the supplier with $5 or less, depending on exactly what the supplier and Groupon worked out.

Affordable Does Not Mean Cheap

You will certainly get just what you spend for with Groupon suppliers. Using photo booths as an example: if you spend for a cheap photo booth, you’re getting a cheap photo booth. The pictures will frequently be rough and also indistinct, resembling they were taken with a disposable camera. Plus, the set-up will probably be the equivalent of a McDonald’s Big Mac – looks excellent on the advertisement, however ends up being garbage in the real world, leaving you naturally dissatisfied.


Often times these deals include black out dates, only allowing you to access the bargain if your event is on a specific day, which would usually be somewhere mid-week. If you do get lucky enough to locate a deal that will work for the day of your event, there’s no warranty that they will even turn up. Usually Groupon vendors will cancel your gathering last-minute or merely not show up in any way since “they did not check their schedule.” In addition to this comes horrible client service. Your photo booth will certainly either be self-service (and also you are stuck dealing with any technical troubles on your very own), or it will have a photo booth attendant who understands little to nothing regarding client service. Expect a minimum-wage-paid young adult who will likely be disengaged with guests and/or stuck on their phone the whole time.

Effort is Needed

A lot of photo booth suppliers supplying Groupon deals are also just plain lazy. Running any small company requires effort. Marketing, advertising, and running a strategic business plan is a challenging job. Groupon, on the other hand, is probably the very easy roadway for the majority of photo booth companies having little paybacks. It is evident that the photo booth company running the Groupon deal had not thought of the ramifications of the Groupon deal they ran till they load their entire schedule with events that pay little or absolutely nothing and soon they go under or pull no shows, maybe even at your event.


Your Company Should Invest in Engagement Marketing-Photo Booth Rental Birmingham

Your Company Should Invest in Engagement Marketing

During the days that when the usual media exposure just comes from radio, TV, and print, audiences are used to passively retaining marketing messages. Today, with the latest technology (Internet, Youtube, Search Engines) and unlimited other options that put the audience in charge what they want to see, traditional marketing messages such as TV commercials or print ads is quickly fading. Today, even two minute ads are considered a bother because they are being sold directly, affront.


Engagement marketing (or experiential marketing) is simply, a live marketing event with a goal of creating a closer bond between consumer and the brand by immersing them in a fun and memorable experience.

Businesses that focus on customer engagement are focused on value creation and not revenue extraction. They give people something meaningful beyond a sales pitch: a wonderful end-to-end customer experience, great content, or interactive, real-time customer support.

Big companies are now seeing these users’ shift from traditional media.

Engagement marketing, also called experiential marketing is the use of marketing strategies to involve customers with a branded experience. Rather than going to the usual route of the flat and passive “sender, message, receiver” dynamic, experiential marketing creates an experience that a customer will enjoy in order to for them to have a positive connection with the brand. This creates longer-lasting impressions and a more meaningful connection that that of the traditional marketing messaging.

One of the greatest forms of experiential marketing is through events. Branded events are able to bring in large audiences who are sure to enjoy the experience, and connect that positive experience with the brand. This positive impression of the company can convert the event-goer into a long term, brand-loyal customer.

How we can help you

The next time you are getting ready for a marketing plan, remember that your audience values experiences, and an unintrusive marketing message. Do not be the prying sales guy that most customers or clients view as an annoyance but instead be the helpful salesperson that will provide them with what they will value.

Contact Photo Booth Rental Birmingham now and find out how we can help you with your engagement marketing.

The Benefits of a Branded Photo Booth-Photo Booth Rental Birmingham

The Benefits of a Branded Photo Booth

If you are holding a corporate event to with the goal to create brand awareness, reach out to new customers and collect pertinent data, then a photo booth is your perfect tool of choice for the job. Not only does a photo booth offer a cost effective solution to marketing and promoting your brand and services, it also offers a value added solution for social media channels and beyond for your company. Read along and learn how.

  1. Increase engagement – engagement with customers or clients plays an important role of the corporate event and a photo booth provides the perfect platform to engage with customers or clients. Not only does the photo booth acts as an attraction but also is an ice breaker, a talking point for you and potential leads. Better engagement with customers and clients would mean that you can talk to them about current offerings and create a better dialogue. Guests will have the impression of the brand being approachable and easy to deal with. This helps with the data gathering easily from prospects for ongoing engagement and interaction.
  2. Creating lasting perceptions – perceptions of customers will make or break a brand and a business in general. It is crucial to give them a strong brand association. By using a branded photo booth will enable you to create a positive perception for your customers and they can take away impressions that are strong of your brand away from the photo booth photo prints. Not only that, you can guarantee that these photo prints will also be shown with co-workers, friends and family making your brand reach further without you doing anything.
  3. Getting noticed – a photo booth is a large stand-lone piece of advertising in itself that will stand out and will get noticed. In effect, it is advertising your brand loud and clear and with greater impact. It will also help to attract interest wherever it is used. In any event or location, our branded photo booths are used to great effect by incentivizing and diverting people for greater foot traffic or for simply, conversations with brand representatives.

Exclusive branding – Photo Booth Rental Birmingham works with clients to design the photo booth according to brand requirements and brand image. Our experienced design team will work with you to create the perfect design for your photo booth. You will get to see and approve the designs first before we go ahead and brand the photo booth exclusively for you. To create more of a promotional push, you can use your own messaging with the booth.

Spicing Up Your Event with a Photo Booth-Photo Booth Rental Birmingham

Spicing Up Your Event with a Photo Booth

Photo booths are making a big come back! Well, photo booths never really went away, they are just becoming more and more well known. Whether you have already decided that photo booth rental will be a part of your party or you are still contemplating on it, here are ways how photo booths can help spice up your event.

  1. 100% Entertainment – you are hosting a party or an event and you want guests to have the time of their lives. But what else are there to do apart from the usual activities – music, dancing and drinks? Renting a photo booth surely will add an interesting touch to your event that promises to the center of attention for guests. The photo booth encourages everyone to relax and just enjoy the moment, making your party well documented and will be the talked party for the months or even years to come.
  2. A Better Way in Breaking the Ice – sometimes, it does not really matter how well your guests already know each other but even the best parties take a little bit to get everyone warmed up. If you are trying to look for a way to help guests break the ice and there is none better that an open air photo booth rental. A photo booth encourages people to interact because, putting it simply, no one wants to be photographed alone in a party. Also, the lure of the photo booth is irresistible. Once tried by guests, they will have their photos taken with everyone.
  3. Props will add more fun -  it is sometimes ironic that the smallest things make the biggest impact. Either you are holding a themed event or not, adding a box of props to the photo booth will encourage guests to go at it. It will only take a wig, some silly glasses and hats and some costumes will connect the guests’ inner child. We assure you, guests will enjoy looking at photos as much as they will be taking them.
  4. The party continues online – rent an open air photo booth if you want your party to be the talk of the town. As long as your venue is wi-fi enabled, the photo booth (with social media integration) can be programmed to upload all the photos to social media accounts. Guests can save, share and enjoy everyone’s photos and not just their own. There is also an added benefit of streaming your event while it happens.

These are just some ideas on how to spice up your event or party – get in touch with Photo Booth Birmingham and let’s make it happen!

Photo Booth Rentals Birmingham- Charity Event Sponsorships

Photo Booth Rentals Birmingham: Charity Event Sponsorships

When organizing or planning a fundraising night, charities and non-profit groups will quickly realize that costs can quickly add up. Not to mention libations and food, event hosts are pressured to augment entertainment as well as other activities in setting their event from all others. This is the point in which we get inquiries for photo booth rentals.

Securing a Corporate Sponsor

Instead of thinking an open air photo booth rental is simply an entertainment at your charity event, it can also be a very good medium for promotion, branding and marketing for a corporate sponsor.

Here are some good ways your corporate sponsor can market themselves with a photo booth at your next charity event.

  1. You get every guest to take home a print out with your corporate sponsor’s logo in it. Let’s face it; flyers, business cards and event programs usually end up in purses or worse, wastebaskets almost immediately after any charity event. Compared to a photo booth print, the lifespan is longer because it is a unique personal item to the owner. Imagine your guests coming home and sticking the event program on the fridge. Probably not, but they would prefer sticking that photo with their friends, family or colleagues, which just happens to be branded with your corporate sponsor’s logo in it.
  2. Every print out will have your corporate sponsor’s logo in the backdrop. A step-and-repeat backdrop is the easiest way for your corporate sponsor to get excited about contributing your charity event’s photo booth rental. It also makes it easy because they would just need to submit their logo and that is just about it. Their logo now becomes inseparable from the severable hundred photos that is printed out on the photo booth at your event. These images can then be set as Facebook profile pictures, to be posted on Instagram and can be e-mailed to family which would mean that there is an infinite way how your corporate sponsor can be seen.
  3. Each of your shared photos at the event can include your corporate sponsor’s logo, handle and hashtags. Once you have a corporate sponsor, you can can then utilize the photo booth’s powerful social media sharing capability to attach any social media handles and hashtags. In the case that growing on social media is a priority for your corporate sponsor, this is a great way to help them achieve that goal.
wedding hashtag - photo booth rental birmingham

How to Create a Successful Hashtag for Your Wedding

These days, it is almost guaranteed that a lot of people will have their phones out taking photos as this allows easy and immediate access to see them. Instead of waiting weeks from the professionals, social media channels such as Instagram allows you to search for the photos as soon as the wedding is over. Other social media channels such as Twitter allows users to use hashtags to see the tweets people write. This is also readily available in Facebook too. There are even online services that harvests photos for you from social media sites and bundle them into a single view and sometimes even a downloadable album.

One effective way to let everyone know about your hashtag is to create table cards that are highly visible to guests. With it, briefly explain the process and provide them with a hashtag you would choose. Other ways to get folk staging is by hanging a sign with your hashtag on it in a bar and have your MC or wedding DJ announce it several times. If you have a wedding photo booth, make sure that your hashtags are on them too!

Here are some few guidelines to make your wedding social media hashtags awesome!

  1. Make sure that your hashtag is unique and personal – In order to stand out from all the hashtags out there, try to make your hashtag something unique and personal to you. A one-of-a-kind hashtag will make sure that you and your guests will be viewing only the photos from your big day and not somebody else’s photos.
  2. Keeping it short and simple – You would want your guests to use the hashtag, making it simple enough to remember and spelt correctly. If you chose to have a long and difficultly spelled hashtag, we advise you to consider tweaking it.
  3. Avoid Punctuations and symbols – Remember, hashtags on Twitter and Instagram should contain only letters and numbers. For example, #John&Jane may look perfect but the & (ampersand) character will break up the hashtag so it cuts off after #John. Redo your hashtags if you have any other characters other than letters and numbers.
  4. Spreading the word – It is highly recommended to add your hashtags on all materials related to your wedding. Start with the save the date mailers. A signage for your hashtag is critical if you want to tag their photos. Try placing signs with the hashtag at the bar, table napkins and on table cards. This will give people a gentle reminder to tag and share the fun.

We at Photo Booth Rental Birmingham are are highly knowledgeable with social media and hashtag game We also bring in a wide variety of services that makes weddings more fun and captures memories for a lifetime.